The Data Book – States of India

‘Data Book - State of States’ is the second in our Data Book series of books. We publish these books with the primary aim of helping readers understand India better, through data. As the name suggests this second book covers data about the states of India.

The states of India are a diverse lot. There is a state like Kerala where population growth is on par with the developed countries and at the other end, there are states like Bihar where population growth is still high. There are highly industrialised and urbanised states but equally there are states where Agriculture is growing faster than other sectors of the state economy. Thus, while aggregate data gives an important perspective on where India as a country stands, it misses out on many nuances that state-level data throws up. And this has relevance not just in an academic setting but practical relevance to businesses as well as policymaking. Policies that may be right for Maharashtra may not work for Rajasthan and so on.

The book is structured in three sections with around 450 pages in total. The first section highlights the key trends across states. The second section covers state rankings across various parameters and the third section has a dashboard for every state. Each section has 10 chapters covering various facets from Demographics and Health to Energy and Infrastructure to Banking and State Finances.

The book is available in digital format (encrypted pdf) and is priced at Rs 1500. You can use the payment link below to get your copy.