About Us

In an age where Data is the new Oil, India is a remarkably Data poor country. On one hand, India does not produce many of the data sets that citizens of developed countries take for granted and on the other hand, there are issues over quality and timeliness of the data. These are fundamental problems. But there is also the problem of accessing data. The data that is available is in most cases not available in a single place and where it is, it is available in a very user-unfriendly format. And often it resides behind expensive paywalls which means its availability is restricted to a privileged few.

At IndiaDataHub we are attempting to solve the last problem of accessibility of data. On IndiaDataHub we will cover comprehensive data relevant for India. We will cover data about India, about the States of India and about India in the global context. We will get to even more granular data covering districts or cities of India. We already cover more than 30,000 time series data for India and the States of India. All the data on this platform has been sourced directly from primary sources such as the various ministries of the Government of India or the RBI or in case of Global data from organisations like the World Bank or the World Trade Organisation or the Bank for International Settlements. The data is cleaned before it goes live on the platform. We take great pains to ensure data accuracy because that is critical to what we aspire to do.

However more than coverage of data, our focus will be on making our platform highly interactive which means building tools that will facilitate making meaningful comparisons and analysis of the data. Our Apps and Dashboards are tools towards that end – to help you gain insights into data. Our analytical engine is highly interactive allowing you to compare data across regions and indicators, transform data and run analytics. All with the help of just a few clicks. We hope that eventually, this platform will be more than just about the passive consumption of data. There are new tools and features will follow! Stay tuned…

If you like what we are doing, please do spread the word. We very much appreciate that.


Ashutosh Datar

Before working on IndiaDataHub, Ashutosh worked as the Chief Economist and Strategist at IIFL Institutional Equities for a decade. He thus brings with him deep understanding of and a passion for data. And telling stories through data. Apart from working on this platform he is a regular columnist for CNBC TV18 and a value investor.

Pranoti Deshmukh

Pranoti is the technological brain behind IndiaDataHub. She has more than a decade’s experience in designing and building analytical applications for financial services firms – both domestic and multinational. In her free time, she loves to read and is a fitness enthusiast.