Dolat Capital uses our product InsightAutomate to improve the flow of information between its research and sales teams

Dolat Capital was looking for increasing the flow of information between research and sales during the quarterly earnings season and reducing the manual effort in managing that flow. During an earnings season, its Sales team needs to be on top of results as they flow, especially for the stocks that are covered by their research team. The existing solution being used by them involved manually collating the information and then publishing it using a spreadsheet. But this was a suboptimal solution. On one hand, this took a lot of time to compile the information. And on the other, it meant that the information was not accessible on the go.  

Unlike generic workflow automation tools, our Insight automate solution caters specifically to the financial services industry. Our data models capture all the key data points necessary for communicating the information. Additionally, the aggregations required for earning data such as sector and sub-sector level summaries are already supported in our product. With a strong understanding of their business, we automated the process of compiling the information and converted it into a mobile-friendly web application that can be accessed from any device by any person they choose to authorise in just a few weeks.