Are Women Getting More Credit?

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May 11, 2021

Just ~20% of Personal Loans given by Banks to Individuals are to Women. But at the margin that is changing. In the last 5 years, Personal Loans to Women have grown 300bps faster than that to Men. The share of Personal Loans to Women has increased by 2ppt during this period.

Housing and Education Loans are the two categories where this trend is the strongest. In both cases, loans to women have grown 400-500bps faster than loans to Men. The share of loans to women is also the highest in these two sectors. In Education loans, 1 out of every 3 rupees outstanding is towards female students. 

If the low absolute share of credit to women is largely a reflection of our society, then is the faster growth in credit, small though it may be, also a reflection of the changes underway in our society?


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