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Why our Reports?


Comprehensive coverage

Our reports cover a wide range of topics from Banking to Energy, from Payments to Foreign Trade, from Inflation to Exchange Rates, and many more to help you understand the key trends.


Data Curation

We select only the key indicators relevant for a given sector/topic to prevent data overload but yet convey the necessary information to you.


Data Visualisation

We let data speak for itself and present data through various visualisation to make it intuitive for you to discern the key trends and insights.



We are not backed by a corporate house or a financial institution which have other businesses. We give you the data as it is. No filters, no conflict of interest.


Seasoned Analysts

With over 15 years experience tracking the Economy & Financial markets for Institutional Investors, our understanding of India's economic & financial data is second to none.



Our subscription plans are super affordable since we are on a mission to democratise access to data. Check the pricing page for details.